Bespoke Music

If you are looking for bespoke music for your TV/Film/Video project, then one of our our network of production music composers we represent can provide this service.

We have produced and recorded music composed to broadcast standard that has been used for prime-time UK television including full orchestral arrangements, scores and recordings.

We specialise in music using acoustic instruments (e.g. guitar, piano and solo stringed instruments) but also full orchestral music for Contemporary & Period Drama. We are also able to compose and produce music for trailers, action scenes, sci-fi, nature, gaming and many other media genres

Please click on the Universal Music album below we produced compositions for to listen to one of our composers Kevin Harding’s work or visit Kevin’s website to view orchestral recording videos here:

If you’d like to discuss your project, then please call us on 07974 554718 or email – please no spam emails as these will not be read or followed up.